Learn Danish at Sprogcenter Nordsjælland

At Sprogcenter Nordsjælland the aim is to teach you Danish so you can take part in Danish society at work, during your education, and in your private and social life. Our focus is always on the language needs of our students, so you can successfully engage in all the different communication situations you will encounter in Denmark. Even though many Danes speak English, it is quite important to master a good spoken Danish in order to achieve a good working life in Denmark.

The students at Sprogcenter Nordsjælland come from every corner of Nordsjælland. We therefore have 3 local branches, so you don’t have to travel too far to take a Danish class. The 3 branches are situated in Hillerød, Frederikssund and Frederiksværk. We have been teaching Danish to foreigners since 1999.

Teachers and Classes

We offer you a choice between day classes (12 lessons a week) or evening classes (6 lessons a week). The teachers all have formal post-graduate qualification as teachers of Danish as a second language and they are all experienced and dedicated teachers. They spend several hours each week developing their teaching methods and sharing experience from the classroom.

At Sprogcenter Nordsjælland it is important for us that the learning environment is positive, active, and fun; a classroom where all students enjoy participating which is key to maximum learning.

When I moved to Denmark I started trying to learn Danish at Sprogcenter Nordsjælland. It was one of the happiest decisions of my life. Of course I expected to be taught Danish, but I did not expect such a strong and supportive team of teachers to lead the way and such a lovely group of classmates who followed me along the way.
Stephen Peters

The teachers were nice and
at the same time very professional...
The school days were fun and exciting...
Merle Sissas

IT and Learning

As a student at Sprogcenter Nordsjælland, you will be part of an international education community. Each local branch of Sprogcenter Nordsjælland offers free Wi-Fi and PCs for students to use on site. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards and different digital tools and platforms are often integrated into teaching.

Each class uses SharePoint where students and teachers can communicate with each other. This platform supports learning and can keep students up to date with the curriculum and homework.

...When you enter the school, everyone smiles and wants to help. All learning tools were available and modern ... I want all new people in Denmark who want to learn Danish to come to Sprogcenter Nordsjælland.Zeina

e-Learning Center

Learn Danish quickly via our e-Learning Center. When learning Danish online, you decide when and where to study Danish. It is fast and effective. Online assignments will have deadlines that suit your busy everyday life. A teacher, who will be assigned to you personally, plans your curriculum and gives you good advice and feedback in relation to e.g. tests and assignments. As a user of the e-Learning Center you have access to:

• Virtual Language Lab • Video and Audio Materials including Assignments
• Online Dictionaries • Links to Materials on the Internet
• Danish Grammar  

In order to start learning Danish online, you must have a meeting with one of our counsellors. She will create you as user and find an adequate level for you. To make an appointment with a counsellor, call us at +45 72 32 85 00.


In addition to your regular classes at Sprogcenter Nordsjælland, you are also very welcome in our Studiecenter in Hillerød and Frederikssund. Here you can study Danish on your own. During opening hours, a teacher will always be present to support you, if you need help. In the Studiecenter you also have the possibility to speak Danish with the natives, as many Danes volunteer to practice conversation with our students.

I am very thankful for the welcoming atmosphere and the warm and understanding teachers and professionals at Sprogcenter Nordsjælland.Francilene Frazâo


If you want to learn Danish, and if your local authority (kommune) has not already contacted you about it, then you need to contact them yourself. You’ll find the homepages of each of the seven authorities here. As soon as we have received a confirmation from your local authority, we will invite you to a meeting with one of our counsellors in order to determine which class is best for you.

When to start?

All foreigners within the target group are entitled to Danish courses for up to 5 years. Self-supporting residents, ie students, workers and au pairs, must complete the Danish education within the time frame of a voucher system. They can receive a maximum of 3½ years of Danish education within the 5-year period. No fees charged, only a deposit of 2.000 kr. Most people take 1½ to 2 years getting through all the modules, so do not hesitate to start.


Contact us

If you want to know more about Sprogcenter Nordsjælland, you are very welcome to contact us. All our secretaries speak English.

Milnersvej 41C
3400 Hillerød
72 32 85 00
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